Bai Win Collection

Since 1976 we have sold the best of Taiwanese and Chinese Antiques. Find the perfect piece on our website or book a time to visit our show room for a private tour.

Faye Angevine, Founder

Bai Win Collection

Operating continuously since 1976, Bai Win Collection is the largest, most established gallery in Taiwan offering authentic antiques, reproductions and fine art for over 45 years.

From a striking piece of furniture that serves as the centerpiece of your room to a small ceramic statue or print that adds a perfect accent, you’ll find it all (and everything in-between) at Bai Win Collection.

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Customer Stories: Have Nothing in Your House That You Do Not Know to be Beautiful

Bai Win Collection Customer Stories: Theater Manager Curates a Beautiful HomeKevin Held follows the sage words of the British 19th century designer William Morris: "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be beautiful or believe to be useful."Collector,...

Bring the Han Dynasty Party Tunes Home

It’s Friday again! On this exciting evening, plenty of people will watch Netflix and HBO. But have you ever wondered how the ancient Chinese spent their leisure time? If we imagine ancient Chinese entertainment, we might get a few hints on antiques. These are a pair...

Customer Stories: Harmonizing Antique and Modern Furnishings

Bai Win Collection Customer Stories: Harmonizing Antique and Modern Furnishings Jim & Becky Klar arrived in Taipei from the USA in the Spring of 2014 with their two sons and two dogs in tow. Since then they have enjoyed their time in Taiwan after having taken up...

Come And See Us

Bai Win has a vast inventory of items spanning millennia and cultures. Please come and see our showroom in Taipei. Best is if you book time so we can ensure we have the time to show you every piece you are interested in.