Do you know why Taiwanese eat mooncakes during the Moon Festival?
In the late Qing dynasty, mooncakes were said to be coproducts of the revolution in which the founder of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), Zhu Yuanzhang (朱元璋), overthrew the regime established by the Mongolians. For common people, however, the relationship between mooncakes and the revolution seems to have submerged into history and anecdotes. (Some scholars suspect that the legend was fabricated by the revolutionaries who subverted the Qing royalty)

Mooncake is All About Family

The idea of cake, in China, is to deliver gratitude to the ancestors and the deities of heaven and earth, to convey the blessing to friends and relatives, and to picture hopes and imaginations for life.
In conclusion, the Taiwanese have mooncakes to celebrate family reunions.
中秋月餅起源 - 百韻古董傢俱文物 Bai Win Collection

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Rice Molds are the Soul of Mooncakes

Perhaps you have tasted mooncakes of various flavors. (Maybe you even know how to calculate their super-high calories and plan to work out for hours) But have you ever closely looked at the embossing on the surface?
In Taiwan, people have been making cakes for hundreds of years. Rice molds are not merely bakery tools but also carriers of art and culture—they reflect customs of different eras and styles of different regions.
民國年初樟樹糕餅模 - 百韻古董傢俱文物 Bai Win Collection
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Camphor Rice Molds

  • SKU: CH-2190H
  • Material: Camphor
  • Period: early republic of china, the 1900s
This camphor rice mold was made in the early republic era. It has calabash, apple, fish, butterfly, all kinds of auspicious tokens. While the shape and the carving of each unit vary, the meanings are all benedictions and the blessings are all genuine.

Nothing is Better Than Mooncake Mold for Your Family Heirloom

With this rice mold, you can have an unforgettable bakery time with your family and show off your culinary skill to friends. What’s more, you can give it to your children and your grandchildren as an heirloom in the collection of family memories.
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