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Once we sell one of our antiques, it is gone for ever. Every piece is unique and carries with it the history. Whether we are talking about a vase from the Han Dynasty or a cabinet from Qing-era Tainan, we appreciate the craftspeople who made them and the owners and users over the centuries. And now it is here, waiting to come to your home and business.

Scholars’ Retreat

​Our Chinese selection includes furniture, scholar’s items, ceramics and textiles. From Thailand and Burma we offer bronze, lacquerware, bronze Buddhist imagery and ethnic textiles.

Snuff Bottle

Snuff bottles are handy and delicate; they are both ideal collectables and marvelous gifts!

Han Dynasty Musicians

These skilled musicians have been playing their tunes for a long time now. Can they come to your home next?


Many of the greatest European comic book creators took inspiration from Japanese Ukiyo-E.


Our vast antiques collection is 40 years in the making, all pieces are carefully selected by our expert buyers. All our antiques are guaranteed genuine and our reproduction pieces are among the most affordable. We hope you like what you find here in our small video library.

While mere photographs can begin to capture the beauty of our collection, these videos will bring you slightly closer to reality. Please enjoy the ones we’ve assembled here and know that skilled collectors have assembled our collection over a period of more than 40 years. Please check back from time to time as we intend to add more videos in the future. Enjoy…

Come And See Us

Bai Win has a vast inventory of items spanning millennia and cultures. Please come and see our showroom in Taipei. Best is if you book time so we can ensure we have the time to show you every piece you are interested in.