Ukiyo-e means “floating world picture” and is an artform related to woodblock print and painting. It was at its zenith late 17th to late 19th century in Japan. This artform emerged from the lifestyles of the merchant class in those days, and included subjects like kabuki actors, folktales, landscapes, and erotica.

Beginning in the early years with monochromatic paintings of women, it gradually grew to include colour, sometimes with ten or more color blocks used in one print. Artists, wood block carvers and printers worked together to create these collectible works of art on hand-made paper.

These two prints are Ukiyo-E- Kunichika Toyohara- Samurai and Two Geisha, Part of a triptych of a samurai and two geisha.

Dimensions 25 × 37 cm




Mid to Late 1800's