This meditation room panel depicts the anthropomorphic Tibetan Snow Lion, as a protection from evil spirits, and the mottled cracks on the door panel tell the traces of the time. Tibetans believe that meditation can cleanse the body and soul, and brings them closer to God.

The Snow Lion is a legendary creature and a celestial animal of Tibet. It is also used to represent the hermit and yogi who became a saint. It symbolizes fearlessness, unconditional cheerfulness, east and the earth element. It is sometimes energetically compared to the unicorn, without a horn. The Snow Lion keeps the wheel of joy in eternal play.

Dimensions 5 × 75 × 163 cm





 Mid to Late 1800, Stand: Newly made


H: 64.18 x W: 29.5 x D: 1.96 Inch, H: 163 x W: 75 x D: 5 cm