Bai Win Collection Customer Stories: Harmonizing Antique and Modern Furnishings

Jim & Becky Klar arrived in Taipei from the USA in the Spring of 2014 with their two sons and two dogs in tow. Since then they have enjoyed their time in Taiwan after having taken up residence first in an apartment in Tianmu and now in a house in Beitou’s Wellington Heights. Before departing America, they had purged themselves of many possessions, including furniture, as they anticipated the family would occupy a much smaller space in Taiwan.

Found Bai Win

Once settled in, they were excited to find Bai Win Collection. Owner Faye Angevine quickly became a friend and consultant as they sought to complement their furnishings with authentic Asian antiques.

They began collecting pieces from Bai Win for their first apartment but have taken greater strides once moving into their house. “I’m a big fan of mid-century modern furniture and architecture and we owned a home in the States from that era before coming here,” said Becky. “I think the style is sophisticated and sleek without being too serious or austere. Currently, we’re living in a 1950s bungalow in Beitou so we feel very lucky.”

While a preference for the simple, clean lines of mid-century modern furnishings might seem at odds with the idea of antiques, the resulting combination strikes a visual harmony that appeals to the couple’s personal aesthetics.

Special Pieces

 “I believe in honoring the buildings and places we inhabit, so when we moved to Taiwan, I wanted to find some special pieces that told the story of this country’s rich history and craftsmanship. We also have a lot of artwork we collected while living in Japan and the mix of western and Asian styles works well, I think,” added Becky. “The older, gently worn pieces balance out the modern lines of our mid-century-inspired furniture. Both styles highlight how simple, strong, balanced design is timeless and beautiful.”

Meditation Space

For Jim’s meditation bench, it was about form meets function. “I use this space every morning and I needed a piece that can be reached while sitting on the floor,” he explained. “It originally came from a lady’s bed ensemble. The design creates a feeling of peaceful relaxation for atmosphere while the small drawers and cabinet space lets me store my incense and candles.”