How do you imagine a party in ancient China? The gentlemen in the old days, just as people in the modern years, loved to talk about their razzle-dazzle accessories and show off their unparalleled, remarkable taste at social occasions.
If you accidentally time-travel to the Ching dynasty and luckily be invited to a fancy party, what should you do to make yourself less awkward and assimilate into the aristocratic community? All you need is a tiny but exquisite garnish as a gate-pass, just like this Peking Emerald Glass Snuff Bottle.
At first glance, the color and the texture look no different from white jade and emerald. The craftsman created the snuff bottle with white glass and covered it with a green glass coat, and later carved the green layer into three goldfish and aquatic plants. In Chinese culture, goldfish, with the pronunciation similar to gold and jade(金玉), are believed to bring wealth, peace, and good luck; on the other hand, three is an auspicious number with the meaning of richness. In conclusion, the pattern of three goldfish swimming leisurely in the water is a blessing for a carefree, wealthy life.
Snuff bottles are handy and delicate; they are both ideal collectables and marvelous gifts! Come to our showroom to pick up your favorite one.

Own a Piece of History

Item No: FA-199
Material: Peking glass
Origin: China
Period: c. 1800’s.
Size: 7.5H x 5.5W x 2.5D cm