As the moon waxes and wanes, it denotes that the Moon Festival is right around the corner.
Speaking of the Moon Festival, how can we miss the story of Chang E Fleeing to the Moon? In Chinese legend, Chang E was a daughter of an ancient emperor and later married a famous archer, Hou-Yi. She was unsatisfied with her noble life and wanted to be immortal, so she stole an elixir of life and fled into the night sky.

Journey to the Moon Palace with Taiso Yoshitoshi Ukiyo-E

This piece was painted by Yoshitoshi, the last master of the Japanese ukiyo-e, whose series, One Hundred Aspect of Moon, has fascinated people worldwide.
In this artwork, Yoshitoshi pictured the scene in which Chang E flew to the moon with clouds billowing under her feet. She seemed happy to escape the shadow of death and the curse of aging; however, she did not know what awaited her was the eternity of solitude.
月岡芳年浮世繪 - 嫦娥奔月 - 百韻古董傢俱文物 Bai Win Collection
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Ukiyo-E – Taiso Yoshitoshi – Chang E Flees to the Moon


One Hundred Aspect of Moon Captured Fantasy of Storytellers

One Hundred Aspect of Moon was created from 1885 to 1892, illustrating stories from mythology, legends, history, anecdotes, and literature of China and Japan.
Yoshitoshi lit up the nightfall and told people the tales under the moon. If he lived in the modern days in Taiwan, what would be his theme? There may probably be a painting that depicts Taiwanese having barbecues under the full moon.
月岡芳年浮世繪〈月百姿 七夕之月〉- 百韻古董傢俱文物 Bai Win Collection
月岡芳年浮世繪〈月百姿 南海之月〉- 百韻古董傢俱文物 Bai Win Collection
月岡芳年浮世繪〈月百姿 盂蘭盆節之月〉- 百韻古董傢俱文物 Bai Win Collection
月岡芳年浮世繪〈月百姿 輝夜姬〉- 百韻古董傢俱文物 Bai Win Collection

Peak the Moon of Hundreds of Years Ago Through Yoshitoshi’s Incredible Works

It is said that people nowadays cannot see the moon of ancient times; the moon of tonight, however, has shone upon the people of the old days. Perhaps it is the connection of time and space that makes One Hundred Aspect of Moon so intriguing. You don’t have to travel to the past with a time machine; all you need is a visit to the showroom of Baiwin.
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