What do you do when you suddenly recall a friend who you have not seen for a long time?


A Chinese Antique Envelope Tells the Stories of Old-Time Friendship

In the modern days, we just need a call, or a message to invite friends for reunions. But for people in ancient times, to telecom with friends was beyond their imagination, and to invite friends home to have dinner was supposed to be ceremonious. People would put letters in envelopes and have their servants (if they have ones) complete the delivery.
Perhaps it was because the weight of a letter was as light as a feather, the rich ancient Chinese sometimes used envelopes made in precious metals to express their genuineness (and to show off their wealth).
Featured Collection

Silver Envelope, Qing Dynasty

  • SKU: CH-9899
  • Material: Silver
  • Period: Qing dynasty, Mid 1800s
  • Dimension: 30X2.5X1.9cm (H*W*D)
  • Region: China

Celebrate Genuine Friendship with Exquisite Antique Envelopes


As the old saying goes, “Truly great friends are hard to find.” In an age when communication is replaced by online messages, convenience sometimes makes us forget the preciousness of friendship.

Perhaps an antique envelope will not only remind us of the meaning of true friendship but will also be a great gift for your best friend.
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