What do you do when you suddenly recall a friend who you have not seen for a long time?
In the modern days, we just need a call, or a message to invite friends for reunions.

How did ancient gentlemen keep in touch with friends?

But for people in ancient times, to telecom with friends was beyond their imagination, and to invite friends home to have dinner was supposed to be ceremonious. People would put letters in envelopes and have their servants(If they have ones) complete the delivery.

Metal Envelopes Make the Invitation Meaningful

Perhaps it was because that the weight of a letter was as light as a feather, the rich ancient Chinese sometimes used envelopes made in precious metals to express their genuineness (and to show off their wealth).
清代銀製信匣 - 百韻古董傢俱文物 Bai Win Collection
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Silver Envelope, Qing Dynasty

  • SKU: CH-9899
  • Material: Silver
  • Period: Qing dynasty, the Mid 1800s
  • Dimension: 30 x 2.5 x 1.9 cm
  • Region: China

Antique Metal Envelopes Carry Thousands Year of Friendship


Imagine how many gentlemen have passed on their appreciation to friends with the antique envelope. As the letters were sent back and forth, countless intriguing stories have been created.
In today’s world, has the preciousness of friendship been replaced by calls and messages?

We invite you, who live in modern times, to conserve the warmth of the past and experience meaningful life rituals with the precious antique collection.

This weekend, come to Bai Win to feel the beautiful connection between humans and develop your life as a gentleman.