Are you a dog person or a cat person?
The ancient Chinese have an entirely different answer— bird person. Chinese people had been keeping birds as pets for centuries before Mandarins established the Qing Empire. However, it was the Mandarins who led the trend of caged-bird walking.

A Fashion of Bird Petting in The Qing Dynasty

Mandarins used to hunt with trained raptors(like hawks and falcons) when they were still nomads in northeastern China. After settling down in middle China, the idle, carefree warriors started to walk their birds on the streets and initiated a new fashion of bird petting, a fashion that pet birds were able to sing several tones, a fashion that birdcages were delicate and elegant.

Source: Jiayi Wu

Bamboo Bird Cage, Qing Dynasty - 百韻古董傢俱文物 Bai Win Collection
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Bamboo Bird Cage, Qing Dynasty

  • SKU: H-8967
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Period: Early 1900
  • Dimension: 55*28*28 cm
  • Region: China

An Exquisite Birdcage Adds Timeless Sophistication to Your Home

A high-quality birdcage is supposed to be firm and exquisite, like this one. The door frame and the base are finely carved with Chinese poems depicting landscapes. The silver hook is elaborated with figures of squirrels chasing one another. Though the birdcage is small, it presents a vivid universe.
The refined design of the cage not only makes it a perfect shelter for birds but also makes it a unique touch for your home décor (imaging using it as a lampshade or a flower basket).
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