Feng Shui, though defined as a pseudoscientific Chinese traditional practice, has dominated the Chinese culture for thousands of years. For the ancient Chinese, Feng-shui is more than pure superstition; it is how people harmonize the living environment with nature.
Take ventilation for example: in the winter of northern China, when strong airflow streams into the interior space, the wind would invade human bodies so the residents were prone to get sick. When medical resources were not ubiquitous, a simple sickness could lead to death, so the ancient Chinese emphasized how configuration can affect human bodies.

Using Screens Wisely Can Keep You Healthy and Refined


That’s how screens (room dividers) became crucial for Chinese interior design. They can not only guarantee private spaces but also block the sunlight and shield the wind. As civilization proceeded, they even become the symbol of high-born identity and the decorative element of interior space to elevate the taste, like this elaborate landscape table screen.

山水畫酸枝木插屏 - 百韻古董家俱 Bai Win Collection

山水畫酸枝木插屏 - 百韻古董家俱 Bai Win Collection

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Chinese Curved Rosewood Table Screen With Jade

  • SKU: CMI-210
  • Period: late Qing to early Republic
  • Dimension: 210*122*6 cm (H*W*D)
  • Material: Hsuen jr wood (rosewood) and semi-precious stones
This table screen is framed with hsuen jr wood (rosewood) carved with embossed floral designs. The backside is of inset precious stones and jade in the shape of auspicious symbols while the front side is painted with a landscape outlined and detailed with gilt. The golden, shining color makes the painting pop out against the black background, rendering the landscape with a luxury vibe.
山水畫酸枝木插屏 - 百韻古董家俱 Bai Win Collection
山水畫酸枝木插屏 - 百韻古董家俱 Bai Win Collection
山水畫酸枝木插屏 - 百韻古董家俱 Bai Win Collection
山水畫酸枝木插屏 - 百韻古董家俱 Bai Win Collection

Exquisite Screens Can Create Good Feng Shui To Your Home

As the saying goes, “A true man loves the mountains; a wise man loves the rivers.” We can infer that this screen once belonged to a nobleman of integrity.
If you find yourself trapped in moments of bad luck, that probably means that it is time for you to improve the Feng Shui of your dwelling and that you need to come to Bai Win to pick up new auspicious items for your home!