About Bai Win Collection

Since 1976

Our Story

We maintain hundreds of items in room settings in our gallery and we regularly rotate new exhibits in from the thousands of items in our nearby warehouse. So there is always something new to discover with every visit to Bai Win Collection. Over four decades, we have assembled a multitude of beautiful pieces, each with its own unique story to tell.

In keeping with our reputation for candor and integrity, we welcome all inquiries and we’re happy to assist you with questions or concerns you may have over an item in our collection (reproductions and antiques alike) as well as any outside purchase you may be considering.

At Bai Win Collection, browsing is not only allowed but encouraged. And we look forward to helping you find a treasure from the past to cherish in your future.

Our Founder

Faye Angevine, Founder

As a young student, Faye Angevine first set foot in Taiwan over 40 years ago with the intention of studying law. And that she did. But her love of collecting antiques, which started as a hobby, soon became an all-consuming passion.

While she began by scouring Taiwan for pieces that fit a student’s budget, her first trip to China in 1978 sealed the deal and launched her on her current path. Sjnce then she has been dedicated to providing clients with unique and sought after antiques to satisfy even the most discriminating collectors. Faye travels extensively throughout China, combing through dusty warehouses and wandering through remote villages in search of new additions for the perfect to BaiWin’s collection. She looks forward to meeting each and every visitor to our showroom personally.